Matte Acrylic Glass Prints

Do you want to display your purchase under acrylic glass in gallery quality, but without unwanted glare and reflections? The original photo print under matte acrylic glass offers exactly that. Pretty much regardless of the lighting or the angle from which it is viewed, the matte glass offers an unimpeded view of your picture – with impressive depth, brilliance, and color to boot. For optimal results,  your image will be developed on Fuji Crystal DP II or Ilford B/W paper, depending on whether you want to augment the colours or make your black-and-white image shine. Both of these photo papers have proven themselves in galleries. Thanks to the sturdy aluminum Dibond backing and WhiteWall’s integrated hanging system, it is easy to hang your photo securely.

The matte surface of the premium, brand-name acrylic glass absorbs the reflections often caused by glossy surfaces. All the advantages of an acrylic glass mounting remain: the impressive depth, the clear image details, and the bright colors. Even fans of black-and-white images and portraits have been won over by this presentation. Acrylic glass is also much more robust than traditional glass and offers my work natural protection from UV rays.

Your original photo print will be mounted on a 2mm (0.08") thick aluminum Dibond backing. We will then use elastic silicone to seal the mounted image behind the pane of matte acrylic glass. The sturdy aluminum Dibond composite material, comprising two razor-thin, platinum-white aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core, is extremely stable and prevents your image from losing shape. The base is also extremely light, allowing you to hang large formats on the wall easily and securely.

The Durst Lambda laser exposure system is known for its excellent results with no pixellation or aliasing. For your photo under matte acrylic glass, the picture is exposed onto Fuji Crystal DP II paper before undergoing photochemical development. Even after 75 years, the smallest details and rich colors will shine like on day one. For fans of black-and-white photography, the famous Ilford B/W paper is your ideal choice. We expose this panchromatic paper using the Océ LightJet. The radiant whites and deep, powerful blacks make your image into a true work of art. The silver in the paper’s surface protects your picture from fading for years and years.

Why spend time looking for the ideal hanging system when WhiteWall lets you simply unpack your work and place it straight on the wall? Whether a portrait or a landscape, an oversized image or a panorama – WhiteWall will deliver your original photo print under matte acrylic glass with hanging elements already attached. Metal rails fixed to the back of your work let you attach it anywhere you want. This hanging system is included in the price – but you can de-select it during the ordering process if you prefer. Your original photo print under matte acrylic glass would then be delivered without a hanging system.


Acrylic Glass Prints

Display your favorite photos just as the leading galleries and museums do: as original photo prints under acrylic glass. Our leading product starts with a photo print on your choice of three high-end photo papers from Fuji, Kodak, and Ilford. The acrylic glass gives your image remarkable depth and brilliance that will make an impact on any audience. We mount your original photo print on an aluminum Dibond base, which has proven to be extremely stable and is of the highest quality. Finally, we seal the mounted photo under acrylic glass using elastic silicone.

Details appear razor sharp in images that loom in the depths. The unique, brand-name glass enhances the luminosity of your color photos and gives them depth. Enjoy incredible depth with 2mm (0.08") of acrylic glass. In addition to the many optical advantages, acrylic glass is notably lighter and tougher than traditional glass. It also offers your photo natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent loss of color. In a delicate process, your photo will be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass sheet using durable elastic silicone, leaving it completely free of tears and bubbles. Finally, the edges of your work will be precision cut and smoothed using a CNC milling machine.

Your picture will be a definite eye-catcher under acrylic glass. With our tried and tested Durst Lambda laser exposure system on Fuji Crystal DP II paper followed by photochemical development, pictures will be razor-sharp and have unbelievably vibrant colors. For nighttime photos and pictures with strong contrasts, we have Kodak Metallic Premium Paper. For this, we use the modern LightJet laser exposure system from Océ, which brings out even the smallest details. This same technique proves outstanding for the Ilford B/W option. The panchromatic paper produces radiant whites and deep blacks. No matter which photo paper you choose, you will be impressed by its quality – for years and years to come.

Whether it is a large or small format, once your work has been delivered, you can hang it straight on the wall - the hanging system is included in the price. As you can expect, we insist on the very best quality here: metal rails running along the back of the aluminum Dibond let you attach your work to the wall easily and securely, regardless of the picture's size or weight.





Classic Wooden Frame with white Passe-Partout

Present your favorite images with a traditional, refined passe-partout and classic wooden frame. Our passe-partouts are made from the finest, non-acidic, light-resistant museum card stock – guaranteed to be free of wooden fibers. The non-reflective Mirogard museum glass by Schott is arguably the highest-quality frame glass for presenting art. The gallery frame with passe-partout is particularly suited to portraits, smaller landscapes and cityscapes, and black-and-white photographs. This format works particularly well in a so-called “Salon-style hanging”, which is when small and medium-sized images are hung close together, almost as if at random, to create a larger, vibrant composition. 



We use only the finest Ilford B/W or Fujicolor: Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper for stunning images in our high-quality passe-partout frames

WhiteWall delivers your passe-partout frame ready-to-hang. You can add it to your collection as soon as you remove its art-secure packaging, thanks to pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the frame.





UV Fine Art Print

The modern UV photo paper from Sihl (135 g/m²) is bleached to a bright white and offers the perfect foundation for reproducing the original colors with remarkable richness. On this bright white paper, the photo will have the finest tonality and rich, impressive colors. A coating ensures it is incredibly robust and resistant to changes in temperature and splashes of water. 

We use the most modern, super-wide-format printing system from HP, which generates a resolution of 720 dpi. For this premium print, we use six colors, rather than four; light magenta and cyan inks allow additional sharpness, improved resolution, and finer tonality in lighter image areas. Whichever format you choose, the colors will be equally impressive, the gray balance will be completely neutral, and the contours will be extremely sharp. After printing, we harden the inks six times using UV light to make your print resistant to external influences, meaning it will be at its best for years to come.