Vietnamese brides are not all westerners. The majority of these brides come from the Mekong Delta in northern Vietnam. These brides tend to be young (under 30) and relatively affluent. This article briefly covers the pre-Cambodia history of Vietnamese bridal parties.

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Nomads – the term Vietnamese women (usually shortened to view) is used to refer to western women, particularly in the Mekong Delta, that married men from Vietnam and other nearby regions. Over time, as the term became more familiar, it encompassed all Vietnamese women who married foreigners. The most common marriage between western men and Vietnamese women was arranged through a broker. Many of these brokers/Vietnamese women were foreign service employees that made commissions off of the marriages.

The term “Vietnamese brides” then referred to female foreign service workers that married men from Vietnam and other parts of Asia. In the past few decades, this terminology has encompassed all Vietnamese women that married foreigners. In keeping with the changing cultural trends in Vietnam, today’s western men are increasingly being wooed by Vietnamese women.

A typical Vietnamese brides’ parents may be from a rural village close to the family and marry into a western culture already established in the bride’s family. Or else the bride’s parents may come from an urban, family-oriented town somewhere else in Vietnam. Either way, the young Vietnamese bride is brought up as though her family was part of the whole world, even when that isn’t the case.

Because many Vietnamese women choose to wed western men, it is understandable that they wish to marry men from the same culture. For example, I have heard reports over the years that indicate that many Vietnamese women wed western men who converted to Buddhism. While this practice isn’t officially widespread, it is common among Vietnamese brides. This shows that even within the small country of Vietnam, there is a strong cultural influence of Buddhism in everyday life.

In terms of culture, many Vietnamese women consider themselves to be highly educated compared to their western counterpart. Most Vietnamese brides seek to marry men who can speak a language that’s close enough to their own so that they can fully understand their culture and marriage contract. This is especially important if you are going to live in a foreign land as the culture of the country you are marrying into can greatly impact your life there. Even though many Asian women prefer to marry western men, there are also a good number of them who would rather marry a man who is from their native land – Vietnam or Thailand for example. Therefore, when searching for a Vietnamese bride, keep in mind what they want in life.

One of the most common reasons why marriages from Vietnam go bad is because of money issues. If you are planning to marry a Vietnamese woman, it’s a good idea to bring at least $1000 with you when you travel to Vietnam. Many men who want to marry Vietnamese women try to save these funds by bypassing the customary exchange of gold coins with their bride’s family. Often times, this leads to situations where the husband is forced to work without pay for several months and then the wife discovers that they have been cheated out of their entire inheritance, money, home, and more.

The final reason why marriages from Vietnam go wrong is often because of family members who do not support the bride. Many times, these families view the bride as their sister and refuse to send her away if she has to wed someone else. There are many ways in which to solve these problems once they arise, however, and you can be sure that your relationship with your bride will be much happier after you address these issues head on. Simply remind your family members that your marriage is only between two individuals, not a blood relation so that they won’t mind sending the Vietnamese bride away if that is what they really want.